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Ruffian Cars Build Book Bundle #1 (Softcovers + PDFs)

Ruffian Cars Build Book Bundle #1 (Softcovers + PDFs)

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This bundle includes the first four Ruffian Cars build books: "RUFFIAN MUSTANG", "RUFFIAN40", "BIRTH OF A GALAXIE", and "FIA FASTBACK".


The first build book documents a hobbyist car builder’s three year journey, taking an ordinary 1970 Ford Mustang and turning it into something extraordinary using basic tools, a small two car garage, and knowledge gained freely online. Follow along with detailed descriptions and hundreds of photos, from initial tear down and rust repair to sheet metal fabrication, 3D printing and custom body work.

144 pages.


The second build book dives into Chris Ashton's most daring build to date: the modernization of an "untouchable" 1960's racing icon, the '66 Ford GT40. Follow along as Chris transforms a Superformance roller to a widebody SEMA masterpiece!

192 pages.


In the third Ruffian Cars build book, "Birth of a Galaxie", Chris not only takes on the toughest build of his life, but also establishes Ruffian Cars as a legitimate hot rod shop. Follow along as Chris finds a warehouse, hires a team, and builds the most insane Galaxie 500 in existence!

With over 7,000 hours invested (nearly five times what it took to build the '70 Mustang from the first build book) Ruffian Cars built in 18 months what would have taken Chris 14 years to build on his own. It's a big track big block Galaxie with a full tube chassis, flat belly pan, huge diffuser, and a 50/50 weight balance that is absolutely stuffed full of all the cool details that makes a Ruffian Car so special!

159 pages.


The fourth book in Ruffian Cars's build book series documents the transformation of the first car that Ruffian bought with the intent to build and sell. With a $200k SEMA investment on the line along with 5,000 hours of labor, this '67 Mustang had to be a real crowd-pleaser, representing the best of everything the team has to offer. The craftmanship, creativity, and taste on display must be world-class if Ruffian has any hopes of getting noticed and making its first sale.

132 pages.

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Four 9" x 12" softcover books with matching full-color PDFs.

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