FIA Fastback

The FIA Fastback was designed as a "gentleman's racer" and is heavily inspired by the amazing Shelby FIA Cobras that raced in Europe.

We start with an original, clean California car, strip it down to bare metal and rebuild it to your specs. The only aftermarket panels used are our own lightweight carbon parts.

Our demo car is powered by a 500hp, 364ci lightweight aluminum small block Shelby motor backed by a TKX 5-speed. 3.5" side pipes call back to that instantly recognizable Trans Am era race car sound.

Beautiful hand shaped fender flares widen the car by five inches, covering rear centerlock Shelby wheels at all four corners that are wrapped in 275 and 295/50/15 series Avon radial tires.

Weighing under 3000 lbs, our 67/68 Mustangs definitely qualify as lightweights but that doesn't mean we skimp on the details and craftsmanship. An optional full size race spare is stored under the back glass, made accessible by removable "floating" head rests. The horn button is from a vintage arcade machine, a nod to Chris's career as a video game designer and the beautiful pistol grip shifter and ebrake lever is hand made by a knife maker.

The car drives like a dream. Comfortable, simple, fast and smooth. It's what we all hope for in a classic car, but never got until now.

Prices start at $450k. Contact us to order yours today.




Engine: Shelby aluminum block 364ci Ford 289 - 500hp

Fuel Type: 91 octane pump gas

Fuel Pump: Aeromotive 340 in tank

Fuel Cell: 22 gallon Fuel Safe


Transmission: 5-speed TKX

Rear Axle: Street or Track floating rear axle Watt's link with 1 degree negative camber

Differential: 3.89:1 gear ratio, Torque Worm differential and 31 spline axles


Chassis design: Original Ford unibody, reinforced

Roll cage: Back half

Shocks: Bilstein

Front suspension: Street or Track double wishbone, tubular

Rear suspension: Street or Track watts link floating rear axle with 1 degree negative camber

Steering: Unisteer rack and pinion, KRC Pump


Rotors and Calipers: Street or Track Trans Am series

Clutch and Brake masters: Wilwood


Wheel make and model: Shelby FIA

Wheel size (F&R): 15x10"

Wheel Finish: Gloss black hoops, matte bronze centers

Tires: Avon CR6ZZ, 275/50/15, 295/50/15


Metalwork: All steel, custom fabricated

Paint and Body: Auto Addiction OC

Colors: TBD


Harness: Custom

Battery: Anti-gravity lithium

Engine Management: MSD


Seats: Bride Histrix Super Aramid

Dash: Modified Mustang

Shifter: Jake Palm custom


Auto Addiction OC: Paint and body

Paint: BASF

Street or Track: Suspension and fuel system

Morimoto: Lighting

Toyo Tires: Rubber

Wilwood Brakes: E-brakes and masters

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