Available Donors

Yes, we take on client builds! If you think you're a good fit and have the budget for a Ruffian, please contact us. If you're looking for something in particular, we can help you find a solid donor. You can also skip the wait and start with a vehicle that we have in stock! Each is a great candidate for your future Ruffian. Let's put one of these together!

  • 1970 Cuda

    Already stripped, sealed and sitting on a Speedtech Performance chassis with IRS! Imagine this thing six inches wider!

  • 1972 Corvette Convertible

    This Texas car is a clean, excellent condition runner. We have an SRIII chassis with C6 Corvette suspension and ZR1 carbon ceramic brakes on hand and ready to go, not to mention a Detroit Speed fender flare kit!

  • 1969 Mustang Fastback

    This rust free 1969 California car is already sitting on top of a full Speedtech Performance built chassis with room for a big block or mod motor!

  • 1970 Mach 1 Mustang

    A California car and real Mach 1, this car is super clean. The floors and subframe are perfect, ideal for a more affordable bolt-on suspension setup.

  • 1957 Ford Thunderbird

    A two owner car, this California car has been in the same family for over fifty years and it's wearing the original paint! It might be the cleanest donor we've ever had and is certainly going to make for a very special Ruffian.

  • International Scout Traveler

    This diesel powered Scout is ready to become Ruffian's first 4x4 build! It's a super solid truck with nothing but surface rust on the patina shell.

  • 1969 Dodge Coronet

    This is a clean Dodge Super Bee A12 tribute. It's a nice running and driving car. Would be cool to see a pro-touring take on the A12! Currently has a 440 six pack and four speed making good power (but not enough for a Ruffian).

  • 1967 Ford Fairlane GTA

    This great looking Fairlane is already done up pro-street style. It's a back half car with a rare, 427 Tunnel Port FE motor in it, making 450hp. Could it be Ruffian's first Pro Street build? We could also go full Galaxie with it and make it a big track car.

  • 1996 Mazda RX-7

    This car has less than 15k original miles on it. An automatic car, the interior is perfect. We bought it to do a tesla swap. Ready when you are!

  • 9.0 Liter V10 Viper Motor

    This 800hp naturally aspirated, 9 liter Viper V10 motor is freshly built by Prefix and ready to drop into the Mopar of your choice! Or, put it in something else and make your purist friends cry salty tears!

  • Ford GT500 Predator Motor

    We picked up this 750hp mod motor when we heard Ford was going to stop building them. Pretty ideal powerplant to drop into a full chassis Mustang build!

  • Tesla Model S Sport F & R

    We have front and rear Tesla Model S Sport drive units, complete with cradle, suspension and brakes. Absolutely brutal 2wd or 4wd power!

  • Chevrolet 1000hp NA 632

    The highest horsepower crate motor ever offered by GM.

    *Currently slated to power our '72 El Camino, but technically still available.

  • Nelson Racing twin turbo LS

    Making 1100hp on pump gas and 1500hp on race fuel, this is the first turbo motor to ever be slated for use in a Ruffian.

Our Process

We work closely with each client, throughout the entire build process to ensure that every Ruffian is not only a total show stopper but also a real world performer. Ruffians are meant to be driven!

Concept phase

We always like to start with a vehicle model or era, a simple theme that can direct the entire build and 2D visual concepts.

Prep phase

From there we start shopping around for parts, including the donor vehicle, drivetrain and chassis. Some of these components can take a year or more for delivery, so be prepared to wait or move to more readily available alternatives.

Build phase

The donor vehicle is stripped down to bare metal (or fiberglass). Loose parts are bagged and tagged while body panels are sprayed in a sealer coat for protection during the build process. Builds can take anywhere from six months to several years depending on how much custom work is involved. During the build phase, it is common to run into surprises that alter the course of a build. Any desired changes in direction are clearly communicated, solutions are discussed and decided and we move on.

Pictures are taken and updated daily to document the entire build.

Test phase

Once the build phase is complete, we drive and test the vehicle. This means that the lines are run, the electrical is done, the vehicle has glass and fluids. It’s a running, driving, street legal vehicle. We like to log 500 test miles. This covers the break-in period of all components and gives us a chance to find and resolve any design issues with the vehicle before it goes to paint.

Body, paint and upholstery

Coming out of the concept phase, we’ll have a solid plan for colors. We do color spray-outs and get upholstery samples early so we have a chance to live with them during the build phase. Sometimes we shift to different color combinations and we go back to update the original concepts.

Body and paint can take up to six months so it’s a big chunk of the build time. This work is down with an outside contractor so we check on the progress weekly and catch any potential issues as quickly as possible. This also helps ensure that our vision is being clearly communicated.

During this time we also ship off the exhaust and various components to be polished or coated.

Final assembly

Once the vehicle comes back from paint, we begin careful reassembly of the vehicle. Paint marks are applied to critical nuts, bolts and fasteners upon being torqued to specification. Body panel gaps are adjusted, glass is put in for the final time and another 100 miles are put on the vehicle to check for fluid leaks and any other issues.


Once completed, we’ll document the vehicle with some professional photos and turn over the keys to you!