What does Ruffian Cars do?

Ruffian Cars builds and sells wild, one-off, turn-key classics inspired by vintage racing and supercar styling. Because every build is self-funded, the team has very few limitations and an open book on creativity, resulting in fire-breathing, heart-pounding, emotional works of meant-to-be-driven art with unrivaled curb appeal. Every completed road-and-track worthy car is serialized and signed by its builders, a forever unique one-of-one, never to be duplicated. Each build is immortalized with its own, highly detailed, full color build book, which you can find in our store!

How do I get one?

Once a build is complete, we will take offers. Each vehicle will be sold through our retail dealer partnerships.

What's the Ruffian team working on now?

We are currently finishing up a 1964 Galaxie 500 and 1967 Mustang fastback. Future projects include a 1970 Cuda, a 1972 Corvette, 1969 Mustang and 1957 Thunderbird.

You can follow these builds and more on our Instagram: @ruffiancars.

Where is the Ruffian garage located? Can I visit?

We're based in Southern California. At the moment we have a strict "no visitors" policy as we're all hands on deck for our big SEMA 2023 projects. Once the dust settles and we can focus on tidying up the shop to make it guest-friendly, we'll use our @ruffiancars Instagram account to share open house event details.

How did you get started with building cars?

I made a career in software development and the cars started off as an evening/weekend pastime. I'm self-taught and these days there are more ways to learn than ever. I watch a lot of Youtube videos, tv shows, and research online and have slowly built up my experience over the years. I learn the most by doing, making mistakes, and doing again.


Is Ruffian hiring? What about internships or volunteers?

Our current openings can be found on our Jobs page. We aren't bringing on any more folks at the moment, but keep an eye out on our Instagram (@ruffiancars) as we'll post any hiring updates there first.

Are you interested in partnerships/sponsors?

Absolutely, but only if we are excited about the product and it suits a specific build.

'70 Mustang, '66 GT40, '64 Galaxie 500, '70 Cuda, and others

The Cars

Do you take on any client work?

Currently we are working through Chris’ bucket car list. We’ll see what happens in the future.

Where do I get the Ruffian40 widebody kit?

The widebody kit can be purchased from Competition Carbon. You'll want to reach out to them through their contact form as they don't have it listed publicly on their website.

You can also find 3D files for some of the other custom parts on our shop (mirror mounts, door handles, fuel filter mount, shift pattern plate, window parts, etc.).

Good luck with your build! :)

Are the OG Ruffian Mustang or Ruffian40 for sale?

Both of the original Ruffians are Chris's personal rides. No plans to sell those or build replicas, but Superformance sells the GT40 and Competition Carbon sells the GT40 widebody kit. We also have the build books for sale and quite a few of the 3D files for the custom parts are available in the shop if you want to take a crack at building your own! :)

What cars do you have for sale?

We're currently licensed to sell only to other dealerships, so we don't sell directly to the public or private individuals. Our partners have the experience and resources needed to expertly coordinate the purchasing process with interested parties, which allows us to focus on what we love most: building cars!

Keep an eye on our Instagram (@ruffiancars) for when we announce a Ruffian is ready to leave the stable and join your collection.

Orders, products, shipping, returns, etc.

The Shop


What payment methods do you accept?
We've listed all accepted methods of payment on the bottom of this page (it automatically updates if we add or remove one). We do accept PayPal which we hope will make things easier for our international friends who don't have access to a debit/credit card.

Will I be charged sales tax?
We collect and remit sales tax based on your state and/or local requirements. You'll see on the checkout page whether or not sales tax will be charged as part of your order.

Do I have to pay import taxes?
All items entering another country are subject to Customs inspection and the assessment of duties and taxes, in accordance with the laws of that country. Please note that we don't collect import taxes at checkout, they will be due upon your order's arrival.

My card was declined. What should I do?
First, make sure that your billing information is up-to-date and there are no typos in your card number, expiration date, authorization code, or billing address. If that's all correct, please contact your financial institution to see if they declined the charge as part of their automated fraud prevention system; if so, you'll be able to verify the purchase with them and re-attempt it. They can also let you know if it was declined due to any other reason.
If you're still having issues with that method of payment, we'd then suggest you use an alternative and if that isn't successful please contact us so we can investigate on our side.


How much will shipping cost?
There are too many variables to provide an accurate answer here, but you can see what the shipping cost is for your order on the checkout page.

Why is shipping so expensive?
We have the same question every time we put in an order, too! We're not really qualified to properly explain the economic/shipping situation impacting the US, but it's less than ideal. However, the shipping rates you see are automatically pulled in from the couriers we use and are discounted from normal retail prices because we're a business, so you're getting the best deal we have available to us.

How long before my order ships?
Orders shipping to US domestic and Puerto Rico will be dropped off at the local post office within 2-3 business days after they're placed. International orders are usually on the same schedule, but additional processing time may be necessary if more information is needed to finalize customs paperwork. With that in mind, please plan ahead for holiday or special occasions by ordering well in advance of the date to ensure you'll receive your goodies in time!
Once your order is handed off to the courier you'll receive an email update with tracking information so you can follow its progress from there.

Why is my tracking status not updating?
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If your package is delayed, it should be noted on the carrier's tracking page along with an updated delivery date estimate. You can also usually find alerts on the tracking page if there are any events impacting their service.


How do I see my order history?
If you have a Ruffian shop account you can log in and view your order history on your account dashboard.
If you placed an order as a guest you can view your order status page through the email receipt you should have received, or you can access your order history by registering a store account with the same email you used during checkout.


Questions? Comments?

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Thanks for reaching out! :)

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