Ruffian Cars builds and sells wild, one-off, turn-key classics inspired by vintage racing and supercar styling. The team has very few limitations and an open book on creativity, resulting in fire-breathing, heart-pounding, emotional works of meant-to-be-driven art with unrivaled curb appeal.

Chris Ashton's Journey from Video Games to Custom Car Builder

  • Expertise

    Chris has been wrenching on cars for 35 years and racing for the last 25. With each new project, challenges are faced and overcome while valuable experience is gained. Now teamed with a small crew in a proper shop, Ruffian Cars expects to build cars more quickly and at the highest standards.

  • Legacy

    Ruffian Cars gets its name from the famous "Ruffian" American thoroughbred race horse that won 10 consecutive races from 1972 to 1975 and made it look easy.  It was the perfect name for a race inspired 1970 fastback Mustang that defied the norm and laid the groundwork for all future builds by Ruffian Cars.

  • Inspiration

    Road racing, drag racing, autocross and off-roading, we're inspired by it all. It's incredibly cool to pull visuals and technologies from purpose-built race vehicles and bring them back to the street where it all began.

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